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Megaways™ Slots Expert


Nigel Hall, has worked in the gambling industry for over 20 years, and has a strong passion for slots and the progression from land based fruit machines, to online games. Nigel decided to start writing about online games back in 2016, as there seemed to be a new found interest in iGaming with slot providers, just like us - releasing new and exciting titles on a regular basis.  

At the same time the Megaways™ mechanic was created, and with these new breed of slots taking centre stage - Nigel decided to base the majority of his articles on these style of slots and the gaming studios that were providing them. This eventually led to the creation of his Megaways™ Slots Expert website. The overall goal is for this to be the number one destination for online players looking to learn more about Megaways™, and the games that are playable within that niche.  To see the latest reviews of our upcoming/latest Megaways games, please click the 'show me more' link.

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Megaways Review



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