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Take part in our fun Easter Quiz. Happy Easter!

Join our festivities at Storm as we invite you to participate in our entertaining Easter Quiz! Get into the spirit of the season and test your knowledge with our range of fun questions. Happy Easter!

  1. What meat is traditionally eaten at Easter?

  2. How many Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year?

  3. The first Easter eggs were dyed what colour?

  4. What is the official flower of Easter?

  5. What is Easter Sunday is also called?

  6. What type of bun do people eat on Easter?

  7. Easter Island is a real place in the world, true or false?

  8. Why do Christians celebrate Good Friday?

  9. In which country did the Easter Bunny originate?

  10. How many countries celebrate Easter? A: 95 B: 32 C: 66

  11. Which country made the world's biggest Easter Egg Hunt? A: The U.K. B: Spain C: Canada

  12. Which is the world's most popular chocolate egg? A: Cadbury's Creme Egg B: Cadburys Mini Egg C: Cadburys Dairy Milk Egg

  13. Why do we eat Easter Eggs?

  14. On average, how many Easter Eggs do children eat each year? A: 8 B:12 C: 5 D: 1

  15. Easter comes after a 40-day period known as …?

And that concludes it! How did you fare? Discover the answers below.


  1. Lamb

  2. 80 Million

  3. Red

  4. White Lillies

  5. Resurrection Sunday

  6. Hot Cross Buns

  7. True

  8. Jesus died on the cross

  9. Germany

  10. A. 95

  11. A. THE UK

  12. A. Cadburys Creme Egg

  13. Eggs are symbols of new life

  14. A. 8

  15. Lent

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