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About Storm Games LTD

Storm Games is a dynamic player in the gaming industry, specialising in creating imaginative gaming software, platforms, and system solutions for both domestic and international markets. With over a decade of experience in the UK and European land-based gaming markets, Storm Games has established itself as a reputable and innovative company. They have formed strategic partnerships with globally influential intellectual property owners, allowing them to introduce well-known consumer brands into the gaming arena.


Storm Games offers an extensive range of games and platforms, catering to various sectors including pubs, bars, clubs, arcades, online, and bingo. Their passionate team constantly strives to develop exciting and competitive market-leading products. By providing industry-approved digital products, Storm Games aims to deliver high-quality gaming experiences to their customers, leveraging their expertise and strategic partnerships to stay at the forefront of the gaming industry.


Now, introducing Storm Games' latest marvel: the Remote Gaming Server of Titanium. Get ready for an extraordinary iGaming experience as Storm Games takes you into a world of boundless imagination and limitless possibilities under one roof. The Titanium RGS, powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, delivers scalable and high-availability gaming experiences. It prioritizes security, having undergone rigorous third-party security and functionality testing.


Storm Gaming Technology is owned by original founder and CEO Richard Sheldon, ex Blueprint Gaming CEO Darren Breese and industry icon, Mike Macke. In 2022, Storm Games was acquired by Primero Games, giving Mike Macke a controlling interest in the company. Mike Macke holds over 40 years experience in the industry ranging from production and cabinet design to game development. Primero Games provided investment that has generated a mutually beneficial relationship and created global expansion opportunities as a family.

Storm Games is Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Operating License 000-023884-N-306057-010

Meet the Management Team

Storm’s management team fundamentally strives to take the gaming industry in the UK and around the world by storm. Richard Sheldon, the CEO and Founder along with Sabrina Anthi-Howells, the Commercial Director work in harmony to oversee a healthy and productive working environment that prioritises employee development. Creating client and customer relationships and pivotal partnerships, Storm’s management team are essential for the growth of Storm. 

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