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10 things you may not have known about Storm Games.

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hello there! We love sharing our work with you, but we figured it would be a great idea for all of you to get to know Storm a bit better with ten interesting facts about us!

1. Storm Games is owned by Founder and CEO Richard Sheldon.

More than two decades ago, Richard Sheldon established Storm Games. "I started working from University as a Games Console programmer writing games for home game consoles, before I left to work in a commercial software company. It was my brother in law who dragged me back into the Gaming world when he asked me to write some software for Bellfruit Games, and out of that, Storm Games was formed!". Presently, he holds the position of CEO at Storm, collaborating closely with his team.

When not engaged in work responsibilities, Richard finds enjoyment in sailing on his yacht in North Wales. Additionally, he's a dedicated supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers!

2. Storm Games was bought by Industry Legend Mike Macke.

In 2022, Storm Games was acquired by Primero Games, giving Mike Macke a controlling interest in the company. Mike Macke holds over 40 years experience in the industry ranging from production and cabinet design to game development. He is a well-respected and liked personality in the gaming sector. Additionally, he is a devoted philanthropist, beekeeper, and trout farm owner!

3. Storm Games is based in the heart of the Black Country.

Storm Games is situated in the vibrant heart of the Black Country, an area rich in history and culture.

Fun Facts about The Black Country:

  • The Black Country got its name from the dense industrial activity that characterised the area during the 19th century. The air was often filled with soot and smoke from the numerous coal mines and factories, giving the landscape a dark and smoky appearance.

  • Another fun fact about the Black Country is that it's home to the Dudley Castle, which has a famous resident ghost. The castle has a legendary tale of the "Grey Lady," a ghost said to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who was the wife of a 17th-century Royalist commander. It's believed that she haunts the castle grounds, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the historical site.

4. Storm employees get Friday afternoons off work.

Due to the diligent work ethic demonstrated by our team, we grant them the benefit of early closure at 1pm every Friday, allowing them to relish their afternoons leisurely. Moreover, Fridays are designated as 'Work from Home Fridays'. Embracing a four-and-a-half-day workweek with four days spent in the office has proven to be more efficient. This approach provides our employees with extra opportunities to rejuvenate and unwind.

5. Head of Security is cockapoo Archie!

Even though his eyes are shut for the better part of the day, Archie proudly upholds the role of Storm's security guard.

6. Our best performing online game is Megaway's Mob!

Journey through time to the 1960s, exploring the infamous East End of London with Megaways Mob. The Cops & Robbers theme has been a popular choice for years. However, in order to put our own unique twist on the game, our team had to pivot towards a 60's-70's east end gangster direction. This slot game has received abundant praise. According to Chipmonkzslots, the game is an excellent choice for Megaways fans, featuring intense volatility (Click here). Gmblrs portrays Megaways Mob as a remarkably engaging and thrilling slot with high volatility (Click here). Therefore, it's only natural that Megaways Mob stands as our top-performing online game!

7. The average age of all Storm employees is 38!

Fun fact: the age of our youngest team member is currently 23.

8. Storm Games has a casual-dress code all week!

Recognising the importance of ensuring maximum comfort during the hours spent in the office, we place a strong emphasis on prioritising comfort. Our approach values comfort over adhering strictly to formal attire!

9. We have a gnome wizard Mascot!

We have a Wizard gnome called Merlin in our Headquarters. As seen in our game Magic Merlin Spellbound! Click here to play Magic Merlin Megaways to see the wizard himself.

10. We have our own RGS currently in development!

Our most exciting fact of all! Storm has its own RGS system in the works. Keep an eye out.

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