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An Interview with a Financial Clerk at Storm.

Navigating the role of a financial clerk within the iGaming industry presents its own set of challenges. Responsible for performing various administrative and clerical tasks related to financial transactions and record-keeping within a company or organisation; their role is essential to maintain accurate financial records and ensure the smooth functioning of financial processes. Allow us to introduce Natalie, who fulfils this pivotal position at Storm Games.

Can you tell us about your role as a Financial Clerk at Storm?

My role is uniquely based on the finances of businesses however it does have its variations. I am in control of ensuring all financial records are up to date I.e., reconciling the Bank, raising Sales and Purchase Invoices, providingfinancial reports each week and month to the company directors etc. I am also in charge of ensuring the monthly payroll is completed each month, ensuring all employee tax codes are up to date, any statutory payments are claimed etc.

How long have you been a Financial Clerk for Storm?

I started working with Storm Games in May 2021.

Where did your interest in Finance come from?

Over 10 years ago I got involved with the family business, doing the payroll, and helping with invoices etc, as time went on, I got more involved with this and started working with the accountant, eventually I became the fulltime Bookkeeper. Over these years working more in depth with finance I enjoyed working under so much organisation and towards targets that were imperative to complete, this is where my love for Finance grew, and I then started to do my at home courses to gain my qualifications.

What does a typical day look like as a Financial Clerk at Storm?

A typical day can be repetitive to start with which I don’t mind as it becomes your daily routine, I ensure all my emails are answered to, print off any sales/purchase invoices that have been sent to me and ensure the financial system is up to date however there can be a lot of different tasks that pop up throughout the day which is where the variety comes from. One of the managers may need a specific report putting together or may need specific information for a supplier/customer. The end of the month is where it becomes busier as the payroll must be completed and most of time this is when many of the sales/purchase invoices are due to be paid.

What characteristics do you think benefit this role?

There are several characteristics that are required in finance to ensure the person can enjoy their role. Organisation and communication are the main key points when working in finance, you must ensure that all files are up to date and categorised easily so that you are prepared for any future audits. You also must ensure you communicate with management on a weekly basis with a financial update as they may have added information that you are not aware of or visa-versa. You must also be able to deal with stressful and complicated situations, there may be an employee that is questioning his payroll or a difficult customer querying an invoice, you need to prepare to be able to get your points across but in a professional manner.

What is your favourite part of being a Financial Clerk?

My favourite part has got to be the organisation, I am an organisational wizard in this area, I like for everything to be filed correctly in order and identifiable in distinct categories.

What challenges do you face as Financial Clerk?

The financial world can be full of all sorts of different challenges that you need to be able to prepare for. The biggest challenge I have faced is when I had a VAT Assurance Check which included years before I worked with Storm Games, I had to try and locate specific sales and purchase invoices from 2018-2020 which was provenincredibly stressful however I eventually managed to complete the tasks that were required. On a regular basis the main challenge would be obtaining all the required paperwork for each transaction on the Bank, I must ensure that all transactions are linked to a paper trail so I can ensure I have it to hand if another VAT Assurance check is conducted or an audit of some sort.

Finally, what is your favourite game of Storm’s?

I would have to say Ticket to Fortune.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join Storm Games?

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, hard-working and friendly employees to join our ever-growing team! Whether you are a developer, engineer, artist, reach out!

Email over your CV to, we look forward to hearing from you.

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