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An Interview with a Marketing Executive at Storm.

A Marketing Executive is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing various marketing activities and campaigns to promote a company's brand.

So whats it like working in this role at Storm?

Let us introduce Megan, who occupies this crucial role at Storm Games.

Can you tell us about your role as a Marketing Executive at Storm?

My role as a Marketing Executive at Storm revolves around overseeing and shaping Storm's content and brand image, encompassing gaming descriptions and social media engagement. My focus lies in crafting impactful content that enhances the company's reputation and amplifies its visibility in the industry. Keeping our website content up to date with our latest news from game spotlight blogs to interviews is an extremely important part of my role. Additionally, I focus on prioritising social media by creating trending content to ensure our sustained relevance within the industry.

How long have you been a Marketing Executive for Storm?

I’ve been working at Storm as a Marketing Executive for just over a year now.

Where did your interest in Marketing Executive come from?

My passion for marketing originated during my Psychology degree at university, where I explored the fascinating realm of business psychology. This exposure sparked my curiosity in the marketing domain, particularly in understanding how to elevate brand awareness and effectively target and engage with audiences. Analysing human behaviour and cognition complemented my journey into the marketing world, as understanding the human mind goes hand in hand with knowing your customers and as such, promoting a business successfully.

What does a typical day look like as Marketing Executive at Storm?

Typically, I organize my week meticulously, scheduling posts and setting content deadlines. Some days are dedicated to brainstorming content ideas or crafting blogs promptly to meet time-sensitive targets. Given the significance of exhibitions in the iGaming industry, considerable time is allocated to prioritize and plan for these prestigious events, which often span over several weeks. From ordering merchandise to scheduling meetings for management.

What characteristics do you think benefit this role?

While I wouldn't label myself as inherently creative, I firmly believe that fostering creativity is crucial when brainstorming content ideas to set Storm Games apart from its competitors. As an executive, I recognize the significance of confidence, as it empowers me to make decisive choices and have faith in my own ideas. Another crucial characteristic would be possessing strong analytical skills. The ability to comprehensively analyse each marketing effort becomes essential when evaluating the success of projects, determining their worthiness, and assessing whether self-targets have been met.

What is your favourite part of being a Marketing Executive?

I’d say the most gratifying aspect of my role is experiencing the sense of fulfilment when my content is released. I take immense joy in fostering brand awareness and fostering a vibrant energy that surrounds the business.

What challenges do you face as Marketing Executive?

Perhaps the greatest challenge I face as Marketing Executive is the process of picking myself back up. Despite investing considerable effort into certain projects, the engagement might not always meet expectations, leading to moments of disheartenment. Maintaining faith in my abilities and not letting such experiences impact my confidence in work can be a demanding task.

Could you provide some information about your recent expansion into the field of Compliance?

Certainly, the chance to enhance my expertise and abilities presented itself, and I'm enthusiastic about acquiring additional skills. Delving into Compliance brings significant responsibilities, and I'm aware that at Storm, we are deeply committed to promoting safer gambling. So, while I'm undoubtedly embarking on a journey into the realm of compliance, this commitment demands meticulous attention to detail to ensure the utmost level of safety for our players and for our company.

Finally, what is your favourite game of Storm’s?

My favourite game produced by Storm Games has to be Ticket to Fortune. I love the aesthetics of the game, it’s a classic!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join Storm Games?

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, hard-working and friendly employees to join our ever-growing team! Whether you are a developer, engineer, artist, reach out!

Email over your CV to, we look forward to hearing from you.

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