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From Junior Software Developer to Software Developer.

Recently, our member of the team Joe Sheldon achieved a significant milestone in his career by transitioning from a Junior Developer to a Software Developer. Moving from the Junior role to the official position can present its share of challenges. Let's explore how Joe managed to accomplish this remarkable feat!

How do you feel about becoming a Software Developer?

"I feel positive about the idea of becoming a Software Developer. It seems like a promising career path that aligns well with my interests and technical abilities. I believe my creativity and problem-solving abilities can contribute meaningfully to the development of our games for players to enjoy."

What attributes do you think have helped you in becoming a Software Developer from a Junior Developer?

"Well, my commitment to continuous learning has been instrumental. Embracing new industry trends has allowed me to tackle more complex projects and expand my skill set. More importantly, a collaborative mindset has been vital to my progress. Working within a team with senior developers has significantly influenced my growth and understanding in this ever-evolving gambling industry."

As you take on a more senior position, what potential challenges do you foresee lying ahead?

"Expected challenges in my new role include addressing more intricate and crucial bugs or issues in the software, as well as fostering a heightened sense of independence and self-reliance from my peers."

Congratulations from Storm!

A big heartfelt congratulations to Joe as he embarks on the next exciting phase of his journey at Storm! We are eager to witness his continued growth and success as he navigates through our captivating game catalogue.

Read our full interview with Joe Sheldon, here.

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