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Women in the Gaming Industry

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Over the past decade, women have had more opportunity to excel in the gaming industry. At Storm Games, we have been fortunate to welcome many successful female employees. One of our main values at storm is promoting employee development and we are proud to have created an environment that encourages women to thrive in their career.

With many incredible female employees at Storm, we managed to speak to just a few of them about their positions in the gaming industry.

Sabrina Anthi-Howells (Commercial Director)

What does your role at Storm entail?

As Commercial Director of Storm, I am involved in a variety of areas within the business. Of course the commercial side brings the face to face aspect of meeting clients and customers to build up relationships within the industry, but, I am also involved in the day to day running of the company. I enjoy the management of the great team we have at Storm Games. I love to see an initial game spec come to life – it makes what we do at Storm exciting and in an industry full of fantastic games, I am confident we are up there with the quality and standard of bigger game studios.

How were you introduced into the gaming industry?

Prior to working at Storm Games, I had not worked in the gaming industry. I had held very successful Business Management positions throughout my career and when I was introduced to Storm by Richard Sheldon (CEO), it was definitely not an opportunity I could turn down. I find the gaming industry to be a life time career, and being at Storm Games has shown me that I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else. Storm has come a long way over the last few years, starting off in retail and now growing into the iGaming sector. Our games are sought after and recognised, and for that I am very proud of where the company is, and where it is going - watch this space!

Do you have any thoughts on women thriving in the gaming industry?

That’s an interesting question! I meet very successful men and women in this industry on a regular basis, not just in the UK but worldwide. As a business woman myself of course I admire women succeeding in the gaming industry, but my admiration spreads far wider to all business women, in whichever sector they are in.

Historically, men would hold higher positions within companies in the gaming space, but that is to be said for so many other industries also, so for me personally – am I proud to be a woman thriving in a world that was mainly dominated by men? ABSOLUTLEY!

Megan Sheldon (Marketing Executive)

What does your role at Storm entail?

My main role at Storm entails creating and strategising content from social media to blogs, as well as overlooking public relations for events.

How were you introduced into the gaming industry?

I grew up with my father working in this industry, so it was introduced to me that way. After working in a completely different industry, a position for marketing at Storm became available and I decided I was up for the challenge in a more male-dominated industry and with the bit of background I have, I’ve now been at Storm just over 6 months.

What are your thoughts on women in the gaming industry?

I think it’s amazing to see so many incredible women applying and thriving in these more traditionally male-orientated jobs, it shows we are on the mend to a more equalised working industry.

Tiffany Lloyd (Compliance & Administrator)

What does your role at Storm entail?

Initially, my role within Storm was general administration and marketing. I started by creating a brand-new website for the business with a more eye catching and suited theme, I also tried to build up our social media presence, to gain more engagement. From there, my role progressed through to compliance, so now I’m learning about the do’s and dont's of the industry, to ensure we meet the main legal and regulatory requirements related to AML & CFT, Anti-Fraud & Payments, Responsible Gambling, and GDPR.

How were you introduced into the gaming industry?

Almost 3 years ago when I joined the Storm team, was the first time I was introduced to the gaming industry. I find working at Storm very fascinating and exciting to be a part of.

Do you have any thoughts on women thriving in the gaming industry?

I think as long as the ambition is there and the opportunities are present, women are equally as able to thrive in the gaming industry.

Natalie Finney (Finance Associate)

What does your role at Storm entail?

I am the Finance Associate of Storm Games so have full responsibility to ensure the Accounting System is fully up to date. I am responsible for chasing payments from clients, raising Purchase and Sales invoices, Reconciling the Bank weekly and managing the Payroll System. The past few weeks my role has progressed, and I am also now responsible for producing Monthly Management Accounts, ensuring the Cashflow Forecasts are up to date and having weekly meetings with our Financial Partner, Primero Games.

How were you introduced into the Gaming Industry?

I was firstly introduced into this industry when I worked for a company called Casino 36, I was the Accounting Assistant here but unfortunately got made Redundant through Covid. When I was searching for another job, I found the advertisement for Storm Games and felt this was a perfect role for me, due to my experience in this industry.

Do you have any thoughts on women thriving in the gaming industry?

Through my previous roles I have always worked with successful businessmen, I was never really taken seriously when I first worked in Finance as worked with a lot of tradesmen, however since starting Storm Games I have communicated with a lot of successful, inspirational women who have shown me that it is not just males that can make a business successful. A perfect example for me is my current manager, Sabrina Howells, she puts in a 110%, is always on the other end of an email if needed and has made her success a huge inspiration for me.

We are honoured to facilitate these women on their journey to success in the gaming industry. We hope this blog has shed some light on the increasing diversity in this industry as well as providing recognition to the hard-working women at Storm.

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