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Test your Fate with Storm's Halloween Quiz!

Be it the office or your cozy home, test your Halloween knowledge to unveil your destiny. Achieve a score of 8 or higher to receive a treat, but if you score below, prepare for a trick.

Remember, only amateurs rely on Google!

1. Which fruit do you traditionally bob for at Halloween parties?

2. The original ‘Halloween’ movie was released in what year? 1968, 1978 or 1988

3. Which country celebrates ‘The Day of the Dead’ instead of Halloween?

4. What is a group of witches called?

5. What is the word Halloween an abbreviation of?

6. What is the name of a ghost that can move things around your house?

7. Was there a full moon at Halloween in 2020? True or False

8. Which horror movie features Pennywise?

9. What is the UK’s Most-Watched Halloween Movie?

10. Pumpkin carving has its origins in Celtic tradition, but which vegetable was originally used? Squash, Marrow or Turnip 11. Dressing up has been part of Halloween celebrations over the centuries, but what was its original purpose? - 1)To ward off spirits of the dead, 2)Play tricks on friends and relatives or 3)To perform plays and skits for entertainment.

12. Where did Halloween originate?

13. In which country did the tradition of trick-or-treating originate?

14. Victorians put what inside their coffins, just in case?

15. In what year did Starbucks first release the Pumpkin Spice Latte?

BONUS – Estimate the weight of the heaviest pumpkin ever recorded worldwide?


So how did you do?


Below 8 TRICK

  1. Apples

  2. 1978

  3. Mexico

  4. A coven

  5. All Hallows Eve

  6. A Poltergeist

  7. True

  8. IT

  9. Hocus Pocus

  10. Turnip

  11. To ward off spirits of the dead

  12. Uk and Ireland

  13. Canada

  14. Bells incase they are alive

  15. 2003

BONUS - 2,749 pound (1,247 kilogramme)

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