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Storm's Titanium RGS is now Certified!

Updated: Feb 16

Exciting Announcement: Our Titanium Remote Gaming Server is officially certified! 

Our new RGS is now certified by Gli for use in the UK and Malta with a plethora of territories to follow. Launched on day one of ICE 2024, the RGS is already integrated into our first operator with several new operators lined up for integration throughout 2024. The RGS is a modern, scalable solution designed from the ground up to cater for future gaming needs. The RGS includes an RNG certified for use in US states, a new progressive and multi player jackpot system and a reactJS front end.

Our RGS, which we've proudly named Titanium provides unmatched security for both operators and players, employing contemporary frameworks and adhering to the highest industry standards. This is guaranteed through thorough third-party testing for security and functionality. Designed with resilience as a priority, Titanium operates micro-services through the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, featuring autoscaling nodes. Leading to an exceptionally flexible platform capable of scaling up automatically to accommodate increased demand. 

What can our Titanium RGS do? 

  • Reporting Services – Customised reports from internal services to provide the best reporting solution/ suite as per customer requirements.  

  • Agile product delivery and development with comprehensive out of the box solutions to meet customer requirements.  

  • Fully customisable game console with a cleaner and simple user interface  

  • Different types of prize and game mechanics  

  • Promotional features to offer player bonuses   

  • Comprehensive progressive jackpot solution   

We inquired with David King, our Head of AWS Infra & DevOps, for his thoughts on the certification of our RGS.

'Our Titanium RGS certification allows Storm to rapidly integrate directly into British and Maltese operators. With this certification, we can easily obtain further certifications into other regulated markets through a transfer of approval. Titanium RGS allows Storm to also provide all of our and our commercial partners' content to operators in any pre-regulated market quickly'.

Interested in how our RGS can aid your business?

Please reach out to our CEO to inquire about Titanium RGS aiding your business, you can contact Richard at


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