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What to expect from Storm in 2024

In 2024, Storm Games is poised for an exhilarating and progressive year, spotlighting the much-anticipated launch of our RGS: Titanium, as well as releasing top-notch gaming content!

What is Storm’s Remote Gaming Server (RGS) - Titanium?

Titanium RGS provides unmatched security for both operators and players, employing contemporary frameworks and adhering to the highest industry standards. This is guaranteed through thorough third-party testing for security and functionality. Designed with resilience as a priority, Titanium operates micro-services through the Kubernetes container orchestration platform, featuring autoscaling nodes. Leading to an exceptionally flexible platform capable of scaling up automatically to accommodate increased demand. 

What can Titanium RGS do?

  • Reporting Services – Customised reports from internal services to provide the best reporting solution/ suite as per customer requirements. 

  • Agile product delivery and development with comprehensive out of the box solutions to meet customer requirements. 

  • Fully customisable game console with a cleaner and simple user interface 

  • Different types of prize and game mechanics 

  • Promotional features to offer player bonuses  

  • Comprehensive progressive jackpot solution  

What insights does our Head of Content share regarding the content for 2024?

"2024 is set to be a great year with the content we have planned for release. With a mixture of Multi Bonus, Megaways, Spin n hold Slots as well as your traditional slots, we at Storm are super excited to not only produce Top Quality slots but have the experience with Online and Land base across US, UK and ROW to gauge which games perform and why. We are also working on some really innovate games we have up our sleeve for our own RGS so keep your eyes peeled." Julian Beck, Head of Content at Storm Games.

ICE, London 2024

In the upcoming new year, we'll be showcasing our presence at the prestigious ICE show at the ExCel, London. This annual exhibition is consistently thrilling for us; it's not just a fantastic networking opportunity within the industry but also a chance for us to explore the latest content and gaming-focused technology being unveiled and of course, it's always great to see so many familiar faces! Should you wish to connect with us during the event, you can find us at stand N3-121. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to Sabrina at to schedule a meeting.

The 2024 Edition of Our Brochure

Explore the unveiling of our 2024 Brochure to see our new releases and a detailed introduction to our RGS below.

Titanium RGS 2024_compressed
Download PDF • 5.09MB

Farewell to 2023

In 2023, Storm experienced significant growth. It has been a year marked by hard work from our employees, focused on developing and refining content for the upcoming year. It's been a time of unity, where we've united efforts toward our end-goal, showcasing the strength of our teamwork throughout the year.

This year, we've observed remarkable growth within the team. Welcoming new members who've notably contributed to our plans for the 2024 launch. They've seamlessly integrated into Storm, enriching our environment with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We've also achieved significant milestones across our social platforms, hitting our goals on Instagram and LinkedIn. Additionally, we've maintained consistency throughout the year by crafting blogs tailored to our target audience.

Gratitude to our team members!

A massive appreciation goes out to our employees for their immense dedication this year. Without their relentless efforts, our accomplishments wouldn't have been possible. We have a fantastic year ahead of us and can't wait to continue sharing our journey, for now; a well-deserved break at Christmas. See you all in the New Year!

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