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An Interview with a Customer Services Manager at Storm.

Are you interested in knowing what it's like to work as a Customer Services Manager at Storm Games?

A Customer Services Manager at a gaming company is responsible for overseeing and managing the customer service department. They play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and continuously improving the quality of service provided.

Can you tell us about your role as a Customer Services Manager at Storm?

My role is very varied each day, but my priority is to ensure that customers receive quality technical support and sound advice to ensure that their Storm products are working efficiently and effectively to maximise their cashbox returns. Customers can contact me directly by phone, email, whats app, or take advantage of the Storm Technical Help Page on our website for out of hours support.

How long have you been a Customer Services Manager for Storm?

I have been with Storm Games for over 13 years, and Customer Services Manager for 5 years.

Where did your interest in Customer Service management come from?

I have been in the industry for over 30 years in various roles from Manufacturing to Operations. During my time within Operations, I realised that the direct contact with customers, account managers and licensees was the most rewarding.

What does a typical day look like as a Customer Services Manager at Storm?

I am responsible for assessing customer issues and despatching spares to support their needs. I also research the components and pricing for new build projects, create wiring looms and advise on the best efficient and state of the art technology to utilise for new Storm cabinets.

What characteristics do you think benefit this role?

Having a lot of patience, empathy and being able to listen to customers' requirements. Technology evolves and you must evolve with it.

What is your favourite part of being a Customer Services Manager?

I enjoy the dialogue with customers and being able to resolve their machine issues.

What challenges do you face as Customer Services Manager?

I am a perfectionist. Therefore, I want to ensure any Storm Product that is despatched to a customer is quality and they can site the machine confidently.

Finally, what is your favourite game of Storm’s?

I would have to say Megaways Mob.

A big thank you to Richard for his commitment and loyalty to Storm over the past decade!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join Storm Games?

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, hard-working and friendly employees to join our ever-growing team! Whether you are a developer, engineer, artist, reach out!

Email over your CV to, we look forward to hearing from you.

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