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Celebrating six years at Storm Games for our Commercial Director.

Updated: Apr 23

Celebrating a Milestone: Marking Six Successful Years with Sabrina at Storm.

Today, we raise our glasses in tribute to Sabrina Howells, our esteemed Commercial Director, as she marks a remarkable six years of dedication and achievement with Storm. It's a momentous occasion that warrants not only celebration but also reflection on the impact Sabrina has had on our Storm's journey.

Since joining Storm in 2018, Sabrina has been at the helm of transformative initiatives, steering the ship through turbulent waters with a steady hand and unwavering determination. She began as Sales and Operations Manager tasked with breathing new life into our office during challenging times and meeting new targets for Storm. Due to Sabrina's passion for success and her belief in Storm's potential, she was swiftly promoted to Commercial Director of Storm Games. Without a doubt, Sabrina is known for her commitment to Storm’s vision. Through her dedication and optimism, she has guided Storm towards brighter horizons and unprecedented levels of success alongside Storm’s CEO, Richard Sheldon.

With a wealth of experience in business development, Sabrina brought to the table a blend of strategic insight and positivity. She possesses a rare talent for revitalising businesses,

infusing fresh energy into surroundings and cultivating cultures of both profitability and well-being. Sabrina's approachable demeanour and infectious positivity have not only endeared her to our team but have also served as a beacon of inspiration for all who have had the privilege of working alongside her!

A message from the team to Sabrina:

On this special day, we’d like to take time to extend our appreciation to Sabrina with the utmost gratitude and admiration for her invaluable contributions to Storm. May the next six years be filled with even greater achievements!

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