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Rave Reviews: Our Top Picks.

Updated: Apr 11

As we direct our attention towards new and exciting upcoming projects, we inevitably find ourselves reflecting on our catalogue of games... especially with the remarkable and unforgettable reviews they've garnered. Come along as we uncover standout game reviews that we've received in recent years.

Among the reviews that stand out for our games, we've opted to kick off with a comprehensive evaluation of our foray into Megaways Games.

With eight Megaways Slots released, our company received high praise from the respected Megaways Slot Expert for our venture into Megaways Online gaming. Their flattering depiction of our efforts provided a significant confidence boost as we continued to roll out Megaways content. Quoting them directly, "what more could you ask for from a company?" and expressing confidence that we are "pretty much set to take the gaming world by…well, storm," their review serves as the cornerstone for our Megaways games' reviews.

Payday Megaways

The Megaways Slot Experts dedicated their time to review our Payday Megaways slot, and their positive review culminated in a commendable expert rating close to full marks. They praised, "Great work from the team at Storm, and this is a slot that's worth some spinning time." Such reviews hold significant importance for our company, serving as cherished favourites that uplift the team's morale. We make sure to relay this feedback directly to every member of our team who contributed to the creation of this game, from the initial creative concept to the intricate mathematics and comprehensive marketing strategies, every team member holds value to our projects.

Megaways Mob

Megaways Mob stands as a revered game, garnering many joyful and positive reviews from eager players upon its release. To kick off our review series of Megaways Mob, we'll start with Gmblrs, who awarded this game an overall favourable rating of 4/5. Their remark, "Megaways Mob is perhaps one of the most British Slots featuring the popular BTG game engine," was particularly gratifying. This comment definitely helped to affirm our success in capturing the essence of the game's theme, which is one of our favourite creative concepts. As a UK-based company venturing into the realm of online Megaways slots, this experience was truly thrilling and rewarding for us!

Slotsjudge also provided a memorable review of Megaways Mob, stating that it's "a great slot machine," and gave the game an overall rating of 8/10. Additionally, Slotsjudge praised the game's exciting features, including cascading wins, substituting wild symbols, free spins, increasing multipliers, instant rewards, and more. They also admired the music, sound effects, and overall design of the game. This review has been added to one of our favourites because Slotsjudge recognised the attention to detail, particularly highlighting the music and sound effects in the game. These elements, which are sometimes overlooked, are a testament to our teams unwavering commitment to detail.

Megaways Mob is delightfully appraised by in their overall verdict, confirming that our company provides top-tier visuals, exciting features, and rewarding payouts. They explicitly highlighted, 'The game leaves nothing to be desired for players who relish exciting bonus features and dynamic gameplay.'

The renowned Chipmonkz slotz review of our Megaways Mob is truly one to remember. We were delighted that Chipmonkz recognised the merit of our Megaways game, stating: ‘I think this slot is the perfect slot for any Megaways lovers out there and very volatile’.

Lucky Money

Lucky Money is one of our latest releases. Upon launching Lucky Money, we observed its resonance within the industry, affirming its success. Given our team is comprised of industry analysts, we confidently unveiled this exceptional Irish-themed game, a timeless motif that continues to captivate players. Slotstemple initiated the wave of praise and positive feedback for Lucky Money. They generously awarded us a remarkable rating of 4.8/5, nearly perfect! While acknowledging the commonality of the leprechaun theme in the industry, they concluded with a fair observation: "but that may be the beauty for you if you enjoy a bit of a leprechaun adventure complete with harps, rainbows, pots of gold, beer tankards, and, of course, little green men in hats." Slotsjudge also reviewed Lucky Money and concluded: If you want to play a traditional Irish slot, then definitely try Lucky Money.

Ticket to Fortune

This concept of fortune originated from our Commercial Director, Sabrina. Our game concepts are primarily born internally, and this serves as a prime example of such original ideas. Slotsjudge provided a complimentary review with positivity surrounding free spins, attractive theme and the iconic 'Ticket to Fortune' feature. 32red urged their audience to consider, '...if you enjoy the game show vibe – and more importantly, you like the promise of some pretty tasty payouts – this slot could be, yup, just the Ticket'. Rotativka added 'the captivating design and immersive sound elements additionally enhance the thrill of the adventure'.

Freeslots provided a comprehensive review of Ticket to Fortune, stating its 'a well-crafted slot game’ . They went onto compliment the theme, of an ‘excitement of a TV game show with its luxurious theme and engaging gameplay features’. They continued the game’s generous bonus features and potential for big wins make it an ‘attractive option for many’. They aided to create a satisfying gaming experience, detailed symbols, medium volatility, and immersive soundscape all contribute. They added ‘Whether you’re a casual player or someone seeking the thrill of the game show in slot form, Ticket to Fortune offers a ticket to entertainment and potential riches'.

Thank you for your reviews!

We'd like to express our gratitude to every individual who has taken the time to review our games. Your positive feedback is truly exhilarating for us to receive, and we take great pleasure in sharing it with our dedicated team, from our programmers to testers.

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