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Celebrating Women's Equality Day!

Happy Women's Equality Day from the team at Storm!

Women's Equality Day empowers women to reach their full potential and aims to create a world where gender doesn't limit opportunities. It was originated on 26th August, 1920 when votes to women officially became part of the US constitution. Women's Equality Day also reminds us of hurdles overcome by the heroic women who faced violence and discrimination to propel the women’s movement forward.

However, women aren’t done fighting for equal rights. Today, the wage gap between men and women unfortunately still impacts women’s economic power, and gender-based discrimination still plagues workplaces.

So, How does Storm Games champion equal rights?

Employers should be taking positive steps to ensure that women are paid and treated equally in the workplace and demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and harassment. These are a few things we do to ensure equal rights for women at Storm:

1. Leadership Opportunities for both Men and Woman.

Elevated roles are impartial to gender distinctions at Storm Games. Sabrina Anthi-Howells holds the role of our Commercial Director, a position she has attained through a decade of hard work and experience. Her prestigious placement stands as a testament to her expertise.

2. Strict Policies against Harassment Issues.

Remarks deemed sexist or behaviours that might induce discomfort among employees are treated seriously. We have established repercussions and a support framework in position to ensure that employees have a designated avenue to address any feelings of harassment they might experience.

3. We treat every member of staff equal.

From fair allocations of workload to practising equal pay, your achievements at Storm are unaffected by gender distinctions.

One of our aspirations at Storm is to create a haven that inspires other women to embark on careers within the gaming sector. Read our blog of women in the gaming industry to meet our amazing female employees at Storm:

Below are some additional resources to celebrate Women's Equality Day!

Click here.

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