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Dev Diaries: A Game Programmer’s Adventure to Primero in the US

Updated: Jul 1

Storm Games’ programmer Joe Sheldon traveled across the pond to Atlanta, Georgia, to visit the renowned Primero Games' headquarters accompanied by our Head of DevOps, David, and CEO and Founder, Richard. After a weekend of battling jet lag, we finally had the chance to catch up with Joe about his trip to the USA! 

It's no secret that Primero Games and Storm Games have joined forces, combining Primero's financial stability and plethora of hardware with Storm's extensive game catalogue to take the US market by Storm! During this collaboration, Joe has been a crucial asset to the development team since joining the US projects. These ongoing projects have been the focus of Storm’s team for the past two years. A dedicated, hard-working, and problem-solving development team was needed to handle the behind-the-scenes work and build the projects that have led to its current success. 

These major projects include: 

  • Piggy Bank Deluxe – Of course, our new and exciting twelve-game cabinet with a progressive jackpot. 

  • Gold Rush City Community 

  • Gold Rush City Kiosk 

Joe has been a programmer at Storm Games for nearly four years. He was specifically tasked with working as a front-end developer for the Piggy Bank featured games and Gold Rush City games. His responsibilities included collaborating with the graphics team to make their designs interactive, from buttons to the complex coding he excels at. Storm is a relatively small yet progressive company therefore, creating twelve games for Piggy Bank was a significant project to introduce to the US market, featuring distinctive elements including skill features such as follow-me puzzles, and match-2 games.

Following his hard-work, Joe's first stop in America was at Primero's expansive headquarters in Atlanta. Here, he observed the daily operations of a multi-million-dollar company and introduced himself to their development team in person. While at the offices, Joe stayed busy developing features to meet player demands and ensure compliance with state regulations. During his journey, Joe had the opportunity to see his hard work in action in North Carolina. Visiting the game testing rooms allowed him to interact with live customers and observe the competition, giving him a deeper understanding of his target audience and the type of players Storm and Primero are designing for. 

Outside the office, Joe made good use of his downtime. He visited a shooting range for the first time, experiencing the thrill and fear of handling and shooting a gun at targets. Additionally, he explored the surrounding towns of Atlanta. 

Since returning to the UK, Joe has had some time to reflect on his journey and as such, has gathered clearer understanding of our customers and the fundamental reasons behind our work. Working relentlessly on a project without seeing its real-life impact can be demotivating, so the trip aimed to reward our programmers for their exceptional efforts! Joe concluded from his visit that he recognised a significant difference in the simplicity of games preferred in the US versus the UK. Joe is now feeling motivated to continue developing games for the entertainment of our players!

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