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ICE Exhibitor Survival Guide

ICE is an iGaming Exhibition taking place from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th of February 2023. With three 8+ hour days at ICE and over 35,000 attendees, the exhibition can be overwhelming...We’ve created an exhibitor survival guide to prepare you for what to expect from the show, any tips or tricks and ultimately how to enjoy exhibiting at the largest iGaming event of the year!

What to expect from ICE?

ICE London can be physically and mentally exhausting to exhibit at, but overall, it is an absolute blast! It hosts the opportunity for the global iGaming community to come together under one roof and present the very best of the gaming industry. It’s not possible to walk around the show and not be mesmerised by new gaming innovations. The atmosphere is always buzzing, and it is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn and business!

With the exhibition under a week away, exhibitors should now be prepared, excited and anticipating the outcome of next week. However there are a few tips and tricks that every exhibitor needs to know:

Tips and Tricks for ICE 2023

Plan your days

Creating a good structure of your days before you go is a great tip. As an exhibitor, you won’t have the time to create a plan when you are there, there are too many things to do and too many things to see. Scheduling a plan in advance will give you the opportunity to organise meetings, create an 'ICE diary' and plan your targets before you arrive.

Print your pass before you go

Exhibitors can get a head start by printing their passes online using the ICE e-zone. Printing your pass now will mean you skip the lengthy queues to print off your pass at the beginning of the show. We’d also recommend printing off two copies of your pass, with so much going on at the show, it’s not unlikely that you could misplace your pass!

Make time to eat!

Do not go without eating! Although every minute can be important in business, going without a solid breakfast or lunch will only defuel you for the rest of the day.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well in the case of ICE, it really is! Starting with a definite breakfast can set you up for the day. With the exhibition becoming particularly busy around midday, you may find yourself unable to grab lunch at your usual time due to a busy stand and unmissable business opportunities! So having a full breakfast can fill the void until you manage to get your lunch.

With that being said; another tip would be to avoid getting food around 12/1! This is peak time, which means the queue for food can be excessively long. If you go beforehand or wait until after, you’ll have missed the lunch run and avoided any wasted time queuing!

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your team hydrated is a must. A tip would be to stock up your stand with drinks for your employees, due to there being constant queues at the nearest cafeteria. With an obscene number of attendees, as an exhibitor you are expected to network and meet as many potential customers as possible, which means many conversations are to be had! This is not easy to do so without constant hydration.

Pain Killers

Long days and nights can ultimately take its toll! After all, we are only human! Ensure to pack some painkillers for your time at ICE, they are essential!

Wear Comfy Shoes!

Wearing comfy shoes is a MUST. When exhibiting, you are stood up for the most part of 8 hours a day and not to mention, the exhibition is a 100,000 square metre space. The show can be physically exhausting but even more so if you are in uncomfortable shoes. Although heels can add to your image, they are not worth the pain! Alternatively, bring a spare pair of comfy shoes to hide away at the stand.

Get a good night's sleep

There are many tempting offers for events each day after the exhibition, and although they may be fun, attending doesn’t have to mean staying all night! Getting a full 8 hour sleep after a long day is so important and will help to regain your energy for the next day. (You'll definitely be thankful in the morning!)

Carry a floor plan

Any exhibition held at the ExCel in London is big, but ICE is a giant show! Navigating around the show without guidance is almost impossible. Grab yourself a floor plan on the way into the exhibition, this way you will find stands you’d like to visit quicker and have a better understanding of where everything is etc the toilets!

Grab a bag from Storm Games’ stand!

When you have the opportunity to look around the vast exhibition, you will notice most stands give out many freebies, whether it's merchandised pens to brochures! Our top tip for this would be to visit Stand N3-121 and grab a free bag to carry things around in! Trust me, by the end of the day your bag will be full.

ENJOY the show!

Most importantly, the exhibition is always over before you know it, so try to have fun when you can and enjoy every moment! Good luck to all exhibitors and we are excited to see you all there.


We will be exhibiting at the ExCel, London from 7th to the 9th February at Stand N3-121. Visit our Stand to see our products and software over the last 12 months as well as brand-new cabinets and a range of new top games for the online space.

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