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Marking 15 years with Storm as Bourbs sets sail on his next venture!

Updated: Mar 28

Today, we bid farewell to our Customer Service Manager and extend our best wishes!

Richard Corbett, fondly known as ‘Bourbs’, has been a valued member of the Storm team for 15 years. We sought the opportunity not only to express our gratitude to Bourbs for his dedication at Storm but also to pose a few questions as he moves on from the company:

'What has been your favourite part of working for Storm Games?'

'My favourite parts of been at Storm are I like talking to customers and trying to resolve their technical issues, but I also like learning about the latest technology that is available out there along with hardware development'

‘What challenges have you faced in your position as Customer Service Manager over the 15 years?' 'One of the challenges we faced at Storm, like many other companies after the Covid period we found it hard to obtain parts and the lead times for parts were lengthy.'

‘What experiences or memories from your time at Storm do you think will stick with you the most?’ 'I have a lot of memories at Storm over the years from just Richard Sheldon, Paul Rothwell and myself working out of an office which was located at Cosford where it was very cold in the winter and also sometimes getting evacuated from the office if something was going on at the RAF base next to the office to the team growing and Storm moving to their current location at Wolverhampton Science Park.

Regarding experiences I have had over my time at Storm there has been a few from been a representative of Storm at all the UK based trade shows over the years and talking face to face with our UK based customers to visiting customers and suppliers from abroad'

‘How do you feel your time at this company has helped shape your career or personal growth?’

'Working at Storm as definitely helped shape my career and help me grow on a personal level.

Before coming to Storm, I came from a background of various businesses that mainly dealt with the analogue side of the gaming machine business and the only experience I had with digital product before joining Storm was the Genius cabinet from ACE Coin Equipment and then later when I worked for Gamestec with the Games Net cabinets.

Working at Storm, I have learnt a massive amount of a lot of new things, everything from prototyping and development of cabinets, also been more customer focused with technical calls, getting spares out to customers and upselling upgrades on the products that the customers already have either on site or in stock.

I have also learnt more of the administration side of the business too where I send out all the invoices for the sales that have been generated through aftersales along with raising purchase orders on various systems for parts that are required when needed'

What will you miss most about working for Storm Games?’

'I will miss the people here most of all. The team has changed a fair bit over the years I have been here, but now you have a mix of  the older employees that have been here a fair time with industry experience and newer employees that have brought in newer processes and a different way of thinking.'

‘Lastly, is there anything you'd like to share or express to your colleagues or the company as you depart?’

'Firstly, I would like to thank Richard for taking me on 14 years ago, and I wish Richard, Sabrina, all the Storm team, Primero team all the best for the future with their ongoing projects and I look forward to hopefully seeing you at the upcoming UK based trade shows.'

A Huge Thank You and Good Luck!

The whole team at Storm are deeply grateful for Bourbs over the years! Once again, thank you for your 15 years of outstanding service and good luck for your next adventure!

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