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Storm Games’ take on Safer Gambling Week

In honour of Safer Gambling Week, we have decided to prioritise raising awareness of gambling addiction. At Storm, we acknowledge the position that we hold in the industry and how important it is to start talking about safer gambling.

What is Safer Gambling Week?

Why is Safer Gambling Week important to us?

Player safety is our number one priority. Safer Gambling Week gives us the opportunity to do our bit by broadcasting the importance of gambling safely and raising awareness of the potential harm caused by excessive gambling.

How do I gamble safely?

Gambling was created to be fun and enjoyable with the possibility of a rewarding experience to the player. When creating our bespoke games, we design everything, down to the final details with only excitement in mind. As soon as players feel that they are no longer playing for enjoyment and might be prioritising other purposes, we'd encourage them to take a break and reevaluate their intentions. We'd recommend when playing any game involving real money, ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Am I setting limits?

  • Am I taking breaks?

  • Am I spending most of my time gambling?

Asking yourself these three questions before or after playing a game may help you to identify whether you may have a harmful habit.

What are some signs that may suggest a gambling addiction?

Below we have highlighted just a few warnings signs that have been extracted directly from

  • Having difficulty stopping your gambling

  • Arguing with family and friends over your gambling

  • Lying about your gambling to significant people in your life

  • Finding money elsewhere to gamble etc. borrowing from others

  • Neglecting other aspects of your life to gamble

If you feel that any of these signs may apply to you, it is important to know that help is available.

How can I receive help?

There are many ways you can receive help if you feel that you may be struggling with a gambling addiction. Online forums and chatrooms are available, giving you the opportunity to share your situation with others or a specialist. There are plenty of dedicated support services throughout the UK and Ireland, ranging from in-person or online counselling to support groups, to self-help resources that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

Organisations that can help...

In support of Safer Gambling Week, we have shared some specific organisations that carry out fantastic, life-changing support for individuals who may suffer from a gambling addiction or negative gambling habits. Each organisation can be found directly on and all provide confidential and non-judgemental support.

The National Gambling Treatment Service

This works as a network of organisations in England, Scotland and Wales, providing confidential treatment and support for individuals suffering from gambling-related harm.

Call on 0808 8020 133 or visit their website


GamCare is a part of the National Gambling Treatment Service and is a leading provider for free support, advice and information.

Call on 0808 8020 133 or visit their website

Northern Ireland National Helpline

This organisation is run by Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre.

Dunlewey offers free and confidential mentoring and counselling programmes.

Call on 08000 886 725 or visit their website

Our aim at Storm Games during Safer Gambling Week is to prioritise customer safety by raising awareness of the signs of gambling addiction and promoting organisations that work endlessly to provide help to those who may need it.

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